Everything in life happens in sequence.

There’s an order to the way circumstances and defining moments happen.

Our place is to understand the natural occurrence and development of these events.

This sequencing happens regardless of our involvement or not. Yet the ones that can notice it are set to be able to take full advantage of it and act accordingly.

Acting accordingly by developing a greater sense of awareness and guided intuition.

It’s a 3 part equation where first, life awaits for our intentional involvement so to properly set this sequencing in motion that only us can take advantage of by paying attention to it. If we don’t, someone else who did pay attention and took the proper action is going to reap the rewards of this intentional alignment and proactive course of action.

The it’s about us being responsible for carefully and mindfully attending to our personal and spiritual growth to develop this greater sense of this sequencing, which can be also referred to as flow.

The third piece of this equation is us aligning our execution and course of action with what feels right to pursue within us as a way to answer the Call to the life we’re called to live.

One where we offer the most value to the people were best meant to serve, help, support, lead.

Timing is the intersection of our ability to recognize opportunities and capitalizing on them through proper action, which then results in creating those defining moments in our lives and take our lives in an upward direction. The opposite is also true if we don’t act or act in a way that will set us back or even worse take our lives in a downward direction.

Timing is recognizing where our attention in life, work, and business, needs to be in order for us to step into the next chapter of our lives.

Timing is us being aligned with the unique tempo of our lives. So we either are in sync with it or out of sync. Each of us have a unique tempo.

Making the effort to develop the skills to identify our unique life’s tempo and sync, is a worthwhile life skill to develop as it will accelerate our ability to have what some of us long for which is:

To live a life where life, work, and business, work together as one integrated stream of passions, leveraged unique strengths, and interests.

A life of alignment.

A life where the idea of oneness or integration rules.

I believe you can get there and if you find yourself there already, I’m so happy for you.

But if you’re like me who strives to get and remain in that state of integration or oneness, as you go through your day and life, all you have to do is to stay alert for those defining moments because it’s all about…



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