The PSP Led by Mick Lolekonda

The Peaceful State Process (PSP) is a profound and relaxing spiritual practice with practical applications for our daily personal, professional, and business lives. You can expect to learn during the PSP to:
  • Get the needed clarity when feeling overwhelmed.
  • Easily get centered and grounded when feeling off-centered.
  • Let go and get past the resistance that’s holding you back.
  • Nurture a stronger spiritual connection and awareness.
  • Learn about the spiritual path in a way that speaks both to your head and heart.
  • Clarify your purpose, calling, and direction in life.


The PSP is designed to be a universal spiritual practice for all individuals regardless of religious background. Be aware that the PSP contains readings of specific biblical passages used to facilitate deeper introspection, having a clearer sense of direction, experiencing a deeper sense of peace, and a better understanding of how life works.

Join us with an open mind, a curious mind, and a willingness to learn a different approach to creating a fulfilling life that has meaningful purpose.
Please bring a journal for note taking.


  • In Edmonton? Join us at the Live PSP here in Edmonton, AB, on Saturday October 14, 2017, at Lifestyle Meditation. Click here to register.
  • You live somewhere around the world? Join us live online for the Virtual PSP on Saturday, October 28, 2017. Reserve your spot below and expect to receive your log in information via email.
    • The Live online PSP will start at 7am PST, 8am MST, 10am EST.

What PSP attendees are saying:

“Just want to let you know that I enjoyed the PSP class on Saturday and I found it beneficial. I actually have a clear sense of my purpose but I was needing a consistent practice to help provide ongoing direction and spiritual growth, and a ‘reminder ‘ that  I’m moving in the right direction and that I’m not alone-Immanuel.  I think PSP is just what I needed! I’ve been practicing meditation daily for just over a month now, and PSP is the perfect development to my practice. Seek and yee shall find! The timing was perfect for me to learn this. Thank-you!” ~ LH
“I have mentioned you to many people as you have really helped me get back on track.  Have not missed a single day of PSP and treat it like a meal. It’s my soul food for the day. Love, light and blessings.” ~ MW