The Life Program

A 6 session purpose-centred mentorship program designed to help you get on your right path with confidence while leveraging your experience, creativity, and passions through the uncovering of creative solutions to your life, work, and business challenges, in the most explorative way. Through Mick Lolekonda’s signature program, you’ll gain the needed clarity to know what to do next in your life, work, and (future) business.

Enrolment: limited to 20 participants.

For a local or international clientele:  The Life Program can be done from anywhere in the world. Sessions can be conducted in-person (in Edmonton, AB) or virtually via phone or Skype.

Start date: October 16th, 2017.

Who is this program for?

For those who:

  • Wonder what their next life and career move should be.
  • Want a clear sense of purpose.
  • Want to find the right vehicle in the career that can have them say: “This is it!”
  • Are looking for 1:1 personalized mentorship, guidance, and support.
  • Want help getting on the right path and deciding their immediate direction.
  • Want help with staying motivated, taking action, and follow-through.
  • Have a good job yet want to launch and build their business on the side.
  • Want to clarify, articulate, and build their desired coaching, consulting, advisor business.
  • Desire to get passed having scattered ideas and interests that lead to a lack of execution.
  • Look to have a clear focus and stay focused while making the right decisions.
  • Want to stop feeling fragmented and pulled in different directions.
  • Desire to have practical strategies to help manage life’s transitions and its ups-and-down.

You’ll learn to:

  • Get on your right path.
  • Nurture an on-going deep connection to your core purpose.
  • Eliminate your barriers and bad habits.
  • Overcome feeling fragmented and pulled in too many directions/places.
  • Achieve a sustainable level of focus.

You’ll receive:

  • 1:1 mentorship, guidance, and support from Mick Lolekonda – Purpose specialist, Author of the Purpose Roadmap, Mentor, Speaker.
  • Your very own personalized purpose roadmap. This will help you stay on track on the pursuit of your meaningful goals and course-correct.
  • Assignments in between sessions.

Recommended reading: Mick’s new book The Purpose Roadmap.

Enrolment process steps:

  1. Book a complimentary meeting with Mick. During the booking process, kindly fill out your private client details including your chosen investment option and when you’d like to connect with Mick. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss what you need support and help with based on your core struggles and desires. This key step will facilitate this program to be personalized to exactly what you need.
  2. Have a  great complimentary meeting with Mick.
  3. Choose your investment options.
  4. Start working with Mick.

Tuition & Investment options:

  • All options are pre-paid and due before the start of the program and the next session when instalments are chosen.
  • Full-payment: $2,400.00.
  • Monthly instalments
    • 4 monthly instalments of $660.00 – Total: $2,640.00.
    • 5 monthly instalments of $575.00 – Total: $2,875.00.
    • 6 monthly instalments of $495.00 – Total: $2,970.00.

Ready to get this next exciting chapter of your life started?

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What those mentored, supported, and guided by Mick have to say:


“I am a really fortunate guy. I’ve managed some great projects and campaigns; I’ve started and run cool, profitable companies; and I’ve developed a large network of high-caliber, high-integrity people. But recently I hit a trouble spot where a handful of opportunities and ideas were in front of me, and I couldn’t get clear on my next steps or even my long-term future. I feared that I might not be able to dedicate myself enough to one thing—or worse, that I would pursue the easier path and settle with wins that don’t develop me or the world in a positive way.

I sat down with Mick, and we talked about my previous experience, my skills and my journey. The balance of interests and my pursuit of new opportunities became clearer to him than it was to me, at first. He continued with a series of questions that elevated my perspective, taking me off the ground so that I could see the long view. This allowed me to look further ahead at what I could build and ask myself, “Was this what I really wanted?”

It feels like this question has been hidden from me for most of my life. Sitting with Mick was a tremendous experience, looking ahead without judgement or bias—viewing possibilities instead of fears. Mick helped me define a business model that predictably could mature to a $500K-1M operation. I have a clear vision of the project and its value to the marketplace. (The real fun for me started once the meeting ended and I could start making calls.)

You know, I like to think I can accomplish a lot in a single session, but what Mick was able to facilitate is simply beyond measure.” ~ IF, Digital Marketing Consultant

“Mick honed in pretty accurately on my biggest focus areas right now. He saw my desire to make a difference and for my life to have meaning. He heard that (currently) I sense my main areas of impact are in the world of business and also in empowering/inspiring women to step into their own power.” ~ CB, CEO & Co-Founder, Environmental Consulting

 “Mentorship with Mick started out as more of a conversation, which then spawned into creative juices flowing. Once I was able to speak out loud about my aspirations, all the pieces of the pie started to come together.Being now unemployed, my challenge is bringing my ideas into fruition. Brainstorming with Mick gave me the confidence that I AM ABLE to do this and be successful. Mick already understands what it is to be an entrepreneur. With me addressing what it is that I’m looking for in a future career, he’s able to ask strategic questions in order for me to succeed. And the fact that Mick takes the time to write down key elements of my vision, and how we can work together, this is something I value in a mentor.” ~ SC,  Aspiring Event Designer

“It’s great to have someone to be able to bounce ideas off of, to ask the hard questions about business and someone who values the purpose side of business. It’s actually hard to find that sometimes! I think that Mick has  an impressive ability to cut through a lot of my bullshit to get to the heart of what I’m trying to say. That’s a gift! But seriously, I can’t remember the last conversation I had with someone where I felt so understood. I really appreciate that. I have put this coaching off for so long that diving into it is terrifying and liberating and having a guide who’s been through it is immensely helpful.” ~ CR, Communications Professional, Aspiring Author, Coach, Speaker.

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Your time is now so let’s do it! Take the first step by booking a complimentary meeting with Mick below.