22 06, 2016

How To Best Answer The Call When Called To Make A Difference.

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Mick Lolekonda studies purpose and how practical spirituality can fuel not only our sense of fulfilment but business success as well. In this ClarityTalk, he discusses what it takes to best answer the call when we feel called to make a difference.

He shares his insights based on his journey to finding his own purpose and his work with clients. A share-worthy talk.




“MICK – It was great to have you be part of such a special […]

5 05, 2016

How To Start A Movement: Mick Lolekonda & It’s Time To Bloom Robindra + Myrah

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Having a dream, a vision, and an inspiring mission is an exciting thing. Exciting because it engages all of who we are to the core. So much so, that it becomes the drive for what we hope to achieve in life not only for ourselves, but for those we care about as well.

It’s been the case for It’s Time To Bloom founder’s Robindra Mohar & Myrah Penaloza, who have started what’s become a movement. A movement […]

19 02, 2016

How to Find Fulfillment In A Career While Searching For Purpose.

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Today’s post is inspired by Kristie, a Real Life Mechanics newsletter subscriber, whose question has to do with:

How to find fulfillment out of a career while trying to find one’s purpose and area to serve others?


I really wanted to address this question because this is a situation I remember struggling with in the early stage of my purpose journey and experiencing a lot of frustration around this question.

it was in early 2000 and I was […]