2 07, 2016

The Peaceful State Process (PSP) – Meditation

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The PSP – Join this complimentary event for a limited-time only.
Led by Mick Lolekonda – Spiritual Advisor & Mentor, the PSP is a profound and relaxing spiritual practice with practical applications for our daily personal, professional, and business lives.
Intellectual Allergy Disclaimer:
Though the PSP is designed to be a universal spiritual practice for all individuals regardless of religious background, if you suffer from severe allergic reactions that include spontaneous human combustion when reading biblical scriptures, be aware that the PSP contains readings of specific biblical […]

19 05, 2016

How To Facilitate Corporate Culture Change: Christy Benoit & Mick Lolekonda

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What happens when we want to pursue a (business) idea and do something that hasn’t been done before?

So many times, the things stopping us from pursuing this dream or vision include the fear of failure, what we think others will think of us if we don’t succeed, and not having the right people around us to support us on our daring journey.

And what when we choose to set ourselves on a business path that’s totally different from the career […]

5 05, 2016

How To Start A Movement: Mick Lolekonda & It’s Time To Bloom Robindra + Myrah

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Having a dream, a vision, and an inspiring mission is an exciting thing. Exciting because it engages all of who we are to the core. So much so, that it becomes the drive for what we hope to achieve in life not only for ourselves, but for those we care about as well.

It’s been the case for It’s Time To Bloom founder’s Robindra Mohar & Myrah Penaloza, who have started what’s become a movement. A movement […]

15 04, 2016

Neale Donald Walsch & Mick Lolekonda: Conversations with God.

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Funny how life works. It can bring us the best surprises when we least expect it. A few weeks before meeting today’s guest on my online show Real Life Mechanics, it felt as if life kept on poking me by saying that he was someone I should cross paths with.

I started seeing more frequently his face in the most random places (coffee shops), posters highlighting his upcoming event presented by It’s Time To Bloom at […]