A letter from Mick:

Dear friend,

Imagine one billion people doing what they’re meant to do and making the world a better place through their actions, collaborations, influence, and way of being? What do you think the world would be like?

One billion people…that is roughly 1/7th of the world’s population at this time. What kind of positive impact could be made both on a personal level and a global level? I invite you to think about this for a minute…

The Billion People Project is an idea that came to me one morning when I was doing my Clarity walk. Over the next few days I ignored the idea, but it kept coming back to me time and time again. So I decided to pay attention and ask myself why the idea of impacting a billion people kept bouncing around in the back of my mind.

Finally, it occurred to me that I was being told to pursue this initiative. So, despite not knowing whether or not I could make this happen, I decided to courageously take on this beautiful challenge.

But as I always say, when we’re granted a vision we are also granted an opportunity. The choice is to simply accept it.

Accept it and have faith that there’s a reason why I was, and we are, chosen for a particular vision. The one thing I’ve learned on this purpose journey is that whatever vision we’re given, it is given to us because we are uniquely qualified to bring it to fruition.

We have what it takes to make it happen and do our part. Despite all the challenges that lay ahead, we will be given the resources, the people and connections, and creative ideas that will help us make this vision a reality.

The first step we take is answering the call. After that, what we need will show up one step at a time, as long as we do our part. Knowing that, all that we can do right now is trust, have faith, and have no fear.

As I write this today, I have no idea what kind of journey I’m about to embark on, but I’m excited. I have no idea what lies ahead but I’m equipped to focus on one thing at the time.

After saying yes, all I have to do now is to speak and share this new vision as well as think of the strategy that will help me realize this Billion People goal. Who should I connect with? What audiences should I speak in front of? Who should I have on my team? How must I step up my game? How can I add an unbelievable amount of value in people’s lives? How must I change the way that I am, the way I operate, and the way I think?

I truly believe that when people are doing what they’re meant to do, making the difference that they feel called to make, and living their purpose day-in and day-out, that people’s life experience will be greatly enhanced.

We’ll have cultures and communities that are more joyous, fulfilled, and at peace. Simply put, the world will be a better place.

This better world will be made up of a significant percentage of people who are doing good and meaningful work that feeds their soul. It doesn’t matter what it looks like, or who they’re serving, whether it’s one individual or cause, their family, their community, country, or even the world.

Life is meant to be lived well, fully.

We are meant to grow and be fulfilled.

We are called to contribute.

We are called to live lives that we feel proud of.

We are called to live lives that fill us with joy and happiness.

To do this, it all starts with having a clear purpose, knowing how to live it, and knowing how to navigate the natural life transitions so we can always be connected to our core purpose while staying true to ourselves.

The Billion People Project (BPP) is a life-long project which may not even be realized in my lifetime, but I’m thrilled to get the BPP started and I know that if I’m not meant to bring it to fruition, the torch will be passed onto the right people who will proudly carry it and contribute in their unique way.

I know that I can’t do this alone. I will need a team of purpose-driven individuals and partners of influence to support me by helping to spread this meaningful purpose message to the right audiences and platforms. Together we will literally move mountains I know it!


To offer a complimentary copy of The Purpose Roadmap as a download. There’s only one catch. That should you choose to download this complimentary copy, that you pay-it-forward by sharing this page using the social media share bar to the left of the screen.


We can start by looking at:

  • The total number of shares.
  • The total number of people who have downloaded the complimentary copy of The Purpose Roadmap after signing up in the email box below.


If you wonder how you can help, you can do so in many ways:

  • Spread the word online by simply sharing this page using the social media share buttons on the left of the screen.
  • Reach out to me and my team to discuss collaborative ideas and brainstorm.
  • Connect and introduce me to a friend who you believe I should get to know and vice-versa.
  • Book me to speak on your platform or in front of your audience.
  • Recommend me to your contact as a speaker/guest on their platform and in front of their audience.
  • Do all of the above or one of these items. Anything you choose to do will be helpful.

So let’s get to work and make this happen! If you feel that this is something that you want to be a part of, connect with me and my team at team@micklolekonda.com or 1.800.680.6394/587.880.4694, and let’s start the conversation.

I’m fully committed to this vision because not only have I been entrusted with it, but because it’s part of my purpose to do so.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I sincerely appreciate it.

Here to help you live your purpose,




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