How a technology startups founder, who was looking for a good morning ritual of connecting with God and himself, gained clarity, a profound sense of strength and peace in less than 1hr30mins


… So I decided that evening that instead of heading home, I would stop by a coffee shop and do some work there and map out the following day.

There were of course a few coffee shops that I could pick from and finally decided to settle on one downtown. When I arrived to this particular coffee shop, I had the pleasant surprise of running into a former client of mine who’s remain a great friend. Great guy and founder of two technology startups.

I quickly said hello to him and went on to grab a table on the opposite end of where he was sitting because he was in a meeting with someone.

He later joined me once his meeting was over, and while we quickly caught up on the latest in each other’s lives, he shared with me an uncomfortable situation that he found himself in:

  • He had an important meeting in the next two days along with all these opportunities and projects (good ones) presenting themselves to him and worth considering. So which one to choose?
  • (Using his words) It felt as if he was juggling a thousand balls.
  • He was also looking for a good morning spiritual ritual. It seemed that what he had been trying so far, including this meditation app, wasn’t serving him the way he’d hope for.

Clearly, clarity is what he needed. And he needed it before heading into that meeting, 2 days from now.

At that point, I clearly knew that me being led to to show up at that coffee shop was no coincidence. And yes, I do believe that everything happens for a reason.

So hearing all this, I suggested he go through The Peaceful State Process and explained:

  • That it was a spiritual process I had been fine-tuning over the last couple of years.
  • That it’d help him not only address what he was going through, but could also be the “good morning spiritual ritual” he had been looking for…

“Can we do it tomorrow!?… do you have time !?” he exclaimed

“I do :)” was my answer.


The Day After.

So the next morning, we met up at this residence so I could guide him through The Peaceful State Process”, which is a service I offer through the Clarity Session (and I had asked him to block a 1hr30mns).

But what is The Peaceful State Process?  (Read more about it here)

Take a moment to read what it consists of here and come back to this page once you’re done. Go ahead and take your time, I’ll be here 🙂

Now that you’re back, let’s get to our Technology Startups Founder.


Going through The Peaceful State Process.

So here we were at residence. Ready to get started and for me to guide him through this Process.

As I took him through the different stages of the Process (by the way, you can read more about the stages in the full, self-guided Peaceful State Process outline downloadable here), it was amazing to not only feel his energy getting more and more grounded, but also seeing his inner-strength getting stronger (I could tell by his body language. Looked like he was ready to go to war!)

What was also pretty cool was recognizing how his internal conversation with God during this Process had led him to get the answers and clarity he needed that morning. Whether they had to do with business, himself, and even relationships that matter to him the most (I know this because he shared those details with me afterwards and in the following days).

What a beautiful thing it was to witness this and be a part of it!


The Breakdown.

Now here’s how it all went down once we got ready to get things started:

  1. He put himself in the most comfortable position, which was not kneeling but sitting on the ground, his back resting against the sofa.
  1. He allowed himself to totally relax and close his eyes, as I suggested, so he could turn inwards.
  1. When he felt ready to move to the next stage of The Peaceful State Process, in his heart, he recited his foundation prayer, which allowed his focus and whole being to be pointed towards God.
  1. Then once he felt connected, he went on to read the scripture I suggested with a curious mind. A curious mind that would allow him to feel and “hear” what God was trying to tell him, teach him, that morning.
  1. Then, as I suggested, he took the time to allow the feelings and the questions that surfaced during this Process, to sink in.
  1. I reminded him when needed to not rush from one step to the next, which allowed to create the necessary room for clarity and insights to surface, for the sense of peace to deepen, for him to be even more grounded.
  1. He would, as a pointed out, to allow whatever work needed to be done internally, as a result of this spiritual process, to take place.
  1. Finally as a way to close The Peaceful State Process session, he closed it with expressing gratitude.


But that is my own side of the story… read what he had to say about the experience afterwards:

“What I enjoyed most about The Peaceful State Process is the guidance on how to read the Bible mindfully and the state of peace, well-being, and calm strength I felt during and after the process.

On this particular day, and in the past week, I felt overwhelmed by the many decisions to be made. I felt off centre.

I gave The Peaceful State Process led by Mick a try because my challenge was finding a good morning ritual of connecting with God and myself.

I would describe the experience peaceful as a process.

What you surprised me was how peaceful and calm I felt immediately once the first part begun.

For myself, the benefits of The Peaceful State Process and this style of spiritual ritual included the grounding effect it had me on right from the start, me overwhelmingly feeling God’s presence consciously, and taking the time reflect on what the scripture reading could mean and what God is trying to tell/show me, as well as the feeling of guidance and protection.

After concluding The Process State Process, I felt overwhelming peace.

And compared to other spiritual practices or forms of meditation I’ve tried so far, I felt, when using The Process State Process, a much stronger spiritual connection than with a meditation app I have used. The experience was much more profound and relaxing for me.

And what is missing from those others forms of meditation and spiritual practices, is the spiritual aspect and direct connection with God: The apps are geared for a mainstream audience with diverse belief. They tend to focus on the physical and mental aspect of meditation.

Thank you Mick for the gift of insight, wisdom and time you have given me. I have a profound sense of strength and peace which is amazing.”

~ Mr. K.


Now how about you? How can you get the most out of a good morning spiritual ritual?

It’s simple.

  1. Determine what you want to get out of your ideal spiritual practice/ritual.
  1. Commit to making the time to devote to it, for your own sake, every morning, first thing. No excuses.
  1. Figure out if you are indeed going through a complete spiritual ritual that targets, mind, body, AND spirit because:
  • Anything missing the spirit element, I’m sorry, is NOT a spiritual practice.
  • Anything not including these three elements, I’m sorry, is NOT a complete spiritual practice.
  1. Pay attention to how you feel after coming out of the spiritual ritual. It will be a good indicator as to whether you should:
  • Stick with this spiritual practice or not.
  • Or simply make some adjustments in terms of how you about going through that spiritual practice
  1. If you’re not getting the results you seek from your spiritual practice and if it doesn’t positively impact the rest of your life as well as the way you show up in the world, find the right spiritual guide who can point you in the right direction.

And finding the right spiritual guide is similar to finding the right family doctor or personal trainer.

At the end of the day, they must be able to help you reach your goals… in our case, your spiritual goals because your well-being does matter.

So keep looking until you find the right one and the right spiritual practice.


Now I’d like to hear from you…

In the comments below, tell me… Which one of the strategies mentioned above do you feel you need to start implementing right now?

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and sharing your feedback and action steps in the comments below.

With much appreciation,


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