Mick Lolekonda – Purpose specialist & Trainer, Mentor, Author of The Purpose Roadmap.

As someone who specializes in the topic of purpose, Mick Lolekonda speaks to support and guide individuals who feel have a purpose and are driven by it. In other words, purpose-driven individuals. Mick is a trusted guide and advisor who loves teaching what he knows and helping purpose-driven individuals make sense of the purpose journey and live out their purpose through their work and business.

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Mick will work to tailor each purpose-based workshop to the needs of his specific audience. Here’s a sample of topics that Mick has customized for event planners and organizations:

Creating a purpose statement and purpose-cantered  values.

Mick will lead attendees through practical steps to form their purpose statement, which differs from a mission statement, and values. In addition, he will address how leveraging a purpose statement and purpose-centered values can be used to enhance marketing efforts.


– Do you know with certainty what your business purpose is and how to articulate it?
– Have you ever considered the difference between a mission statement and a purpose statement?
– Have you ever considered the benefits of a purpose-centered marketing strategy?


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