Mentorship and support specifically designed for individuals who:

  • Want clarity of purpose.
  • Want to find their zone, their one thing, that they focus on for the long-term.
  • Wan to find peace in their purpose.
  • Want to affect the world in a positive way that aligns with who they are.
  • Want to serve and add value onto others.
  • Want to have a life and work that feels right to them.
  • Want to find their vehicle.
  • Want to answer the questions: “What’s next?”
  • Don’t want their lives to pass them by.
  • Wanting to achieve higher levels of intentionality.
  • Want to be and stay motivated.


Areas of focus and speciality include:

  • Purpose Clarity.
  • Building the right vehicle so you can live out your purpose through your calling.
  • Spiritual development.

Thank you for your interest in Mick’s mentorship services and we look forward to having you book one for the first time. Mick offers his mentorship, support, and guidance to a worldwide audience. Sessions can be conducted in-person (Edmonton, AB, Canada only), via phone, or Skype. Whether you have questions related to how Mick can help you, want to discuss your ideas because you haven’t reach that level of clarity yet, or you are ready to start working with him, take the following easy steps:


The journey to creating and developing a fulfilling life that feels right to you starts with having a clear purpose:

Book a complimentary Session With Mick

This complimentary meeting will give you an opportunity to discuss what it is that you’d like Mick to help you with and address any questions you have regarding what the Clarity Session can do for you. This session will also give you a glimpse of what the Clarity Session is all about. This is a no-obligation, no strings attached type of session. Have a great session!

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Your Time Is Now: Book A Purpose Clarity Session And Achieve Purpose Clarity

Get to know your purpose by the end of this Purpose Clarity Session.

  • Book a Purpose Clarity Session to determine with Mick what your purpose is, at any stages of life.
  • Perfect if you’re going through a life, career, or business transition.
  • Perfect if you find yourself wondering:
    • “Now what?”
    • “What’s next?”
  • Prepay $450.00

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“What I enjoyed most about the Purpose Clarity Session was having to be honest and share my thoughts with someone that has the expertise and experience to make sense of it. The purpose was to find my purpose and I felt we achieved that so I am satisfied with the outcome.  Mick came across as warm, direct and personable.  

The challenge I overcame was defining my purpose.  I felt that having the environment to talk about my thoughts was what I needed.  I needed assurance from an expert as opposed to just talking with myself and I was pleasantly surprised we came to the outcome quickly.

The frustration that this unique challenge caused me to have was that it felt like I was living life aimlessly.  Without a purpose, my daily habits were not intentional to where I wanted to go and this makes me feel like I am in a state of purgatory where life just passes me by.

It was important that I have this area of my life handled in order to understand why I was put on this Earth and how I can start contributing to the world in a positive way that aligns with who I am.

Knowing my core purpose feels amazing.  I want to live a purposeful and principle based life so I can start living an authentic life that adds value to others.”

~ AL – Sales Professional


Beyond Purpose Clarity: On-going Mentorship & Support

This offer includes:

  • The Purpose Clarity Session.

Sometimes knowing what our purpose is isn’t enough to create a sustainable business or career that fits with it. We need to know what is the right vehicle to use in order to live our purpose. With Mick step-by-step mentorship and support, you’ll be able to:

  • Develop your self into the person you envision yourself being and are capable of being.
  • Be motivated, stay motivated, and follow-through.
  • Stay connected to your true purpose.
  • Focus your efforts and energy.
  • Create a life and work that works as one integrated stream of passion and interests in line with your strengths and who you are.

Mick’s foundational mentorship program includes 6 sessions designed to build a solid foundation for this next exciting chapter of your life.

Offering #1:

  • Prepay $2,450.00.
  • Sessions are scheduled monthly.
  • Included bonus:
    • One complimentary Clarity Session that you can redeem anytime.
    • One signed and personalized copy of Mick’s book: The Purpose Roadmap.

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Offering #2:

  • Prepaid monthly instalments of $450.00.
  • Sessions are scheduled monthly.
    • No bonuses.

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What the Clarity Session with Mick can do for you:

“Mick honed in pretty accurately on my biggest focus areas right now. He saw my desire to make a difference and for my life to have meaning. He heard that (currently) I sense my main areas of impact are in the world of business and also in empowering/inspiring women to step into their own power.” ~ CB, CEO & Co-Founder, Environmental Consulting

“I am a really fortunate guy. I’ve managed some great projects and campaigns; I’ve started and run cool, profitable companies; and I’ve developed a large network of high-caliber, high-integrity people. But recently I hit a trouble spot where a handful of opportunities and ideas were in front of me, and I couldn’t get clear on my next steps or even my long-term future. I feared that I might not be able to dedicate myself enough to one thing—or worse, that I would pursue the easier path and settle with wins that don’t develop me or the world in a positive way.

I sat down with Mick, and we talked about my previous experience, my skills and my journey. The balance of interests and my pursuit of new opportunities became clearer to him than it was to me, at first. He continued with a series of questions that elevated my perspective, taking me off the ground so that I could see the long view. This allowed me to look further ahead at what I could build and ask myself, “Was this what I really wanted?”

It feels like this question has been hidden from me for most of my life. Sitting with Mick was a tremendous experience, looking ahead without judgement or bias—viewing possibilities instead of fears. Mick helped me define a business model that predictably could mature to a $500K-1M operation. I have a clear vision of the project and its value to the marketplace. (The real fun for me started once the meeting ended and I could start making calls.)

You know, I like to think I can accomplish a lot in a single session, but what Mick was able to facilitate is simply beyond measure.” ~ IF, Digital Marketing Consultant

“It’s great to have someone to be able to bounce ideas off of, to ask the hard questions about business and someone who values the purpose side of business. It’s actually hard to find that sometimes! I think that Mick has  an impressive ability to cut through a lot of my bullshit to get to the heart of what I’m trying to say. That’s a gift! But seriously, I can’t remember the last conversation I had with someone where I felt so understood. I really appreciate that. I have put this coaching off for so long that diving into it is terrifying and liberating and having a guide who’s been through it is immensely helpful.” ~ CR, Communications Professional, Aspiring Author, Coach, Speaker.

“Mentorship with Mick started out as more of a conversation, which then spawned into creative juices flowing. Once I was able to speak out loud about my aspirations, all the pieces of the pie started to come together.Being now unemployed, my challenge is bringing my ideas into fruition. Brainstorming with Mick gave me the confidence that I AM ABLE to do this and be successful. Mick already understands what it is to be an entrepreneur. With me addressing what it is that I’m looking for in a future career, he’s able to ask strategic questions in order for me to succeed. And the fact that Mick takes the time to write down key elements of my vision, and how we can work together, this is something I value in a mentor.” ~ SC,  Aspiring Event Designer