Today, I have a fantastic guest on Real Life Mechanics. Kara Deringer is a two-times international best-seller who’s found a way to answer the call to make a difference while tapping into her own strengths.

I met Kara, while working with a client a few months back and little did I know that I’d have her on the show. When I had the chance to get to know more about her story, I realized how far she’s come because of her journey of overcoming the challenges that life had thrown at her.

Also, what surprised me about Kara, is the level of vulnerability and openness that she’s able to display when sharing her story. Because of this, I saw a woman who is courageous and willing to share herself in a meaningful way so she can help others through that vulnerability and openness.

Kara Deringer is all about empowering people to live extraordinary lives and if you’re curious to see how it can be done (not in the way that you might think), this new episode of Real Life Mechanics is for you.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Ways to recognize in which way you’re meant to make a difference.
  • How one can turn your life experience into a business.
  • The messages to pay attention to when deciding what’s the best medium to use when looking to share what you’ve learned.
  • How to deal with social pressures when you have ideas that you want to pursue.
  • How defining life moments can give us clues as to what are gifts that we have to share with others are.
  • The process to help determine your best way for impacting others.
  • Kara’s pull vs push philosophy when moving forward in life.
  • Ways to overcome life challenges.
  • What it takes to balance family and career.
  • Key pointers to help create success in life.

Kara is an inspiring example of someone who pursued her desire to make a difference helping people even when she didn’t know how it would look like. On top of that, she has big goals (you’ll see what I mean in the interview).

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