As I’m looking to make the transition to having a portable and location-independent mentorship business, I wanted to invite to join me on the first step of this adventure.

When thinking about the kind of life that we want to live, I’ve found that it’s important that we have the right vehicle, business and life structure that will facilitate that. Often, and I’ve been guilty of that, is to have a vision where we want to, for instance, have clients worldwide, yet we only offer our services locally and don’t do any online marketing – or solely focus it on the local market. See what I mean?

As a recently was invited to lead a workshop (How to clearly clarify a purpose-centered mission and values) in the B2BWorkshop which is a training platform for entrepreneurs and business owners here in Edmonton, AB, Canada, it was so obvious to me how much I enjoyed sharing the things I’ve learned that not only have truly supported me in creating the kind of business I wanted to have but also have helped clients that I’ve had the privilege of working with.

The workshop went great!

And I say this because attendees shared that they ended up taking LOTS of notes and found the content practical as well as enlightenting. Content that they would make a meaningful difference for their business right away.

Some of the challenges attendees shared included:

  • How to market so people understand what you do.
  • Struggles with aligning their business and their purpose.
  • Wanting to share their knowledge and expertise through their business but something is missing.
  • Being able to to pay their bills with their business income.

By the end of the workshop, some of what they appreciated was now:

  • Being able to know how to articulate what they do so people would understand what they do and have to offer, especially when they’re offering a unique service that most people have never heard of.
  • Being able to have a practical system that would help enhance their business decision-making process. This, so they can make the right business decisions. By the way, the process I shared can also be used in our personal lives.
  • Being able to have refined and clarified the way that they serve/help their clients. In other words, refining their purpose and the type of purpose that would not box them in as a service provider.
  • Having zoned in on who their right client actually is. The right client to whom they can add the most value to.

As I realized how much of a great time I had leading the workshop and the practical value that attendees received, I’ve decided to do the same workshop… online… next month.

This will be the start of monthly online workshops that I’ll make available for you. I’ll also customize the content based on the questions, struggles, and challenges that you face in business, work, and life. So be sure to share those with me so I can give you solutions specific to you and your needs during the online workshop.

This being said the next one will be on Sunday, October 15th, 2017 at 3pm PST, 4pm MST, 6pm EST.

Here are the Online Workshop details:

DATE: Sunday, October 15th, 2017 at 3pm PST, 4pm MST, 6pm EST.

TOPIC: How to clearly clarify purpose-centered mission and values


– Do you know with certainty what your business purpose is and how to articulate it?

– Have you ever considered the difference between a mission statement and a purpose statement?

– Have you ever considered the benefits of a purpose-centered marketing strategy?


Mick will lead attendees through practical steps to form their purpose statement, which differs from a mission statement, and values. In addition, he will address how leveraging a purpose statement and purpose-centered values can be used to enhance marketing efforts.


$38 USD


No-questions-asked money back guarantee. If you receive zero value from attending this online workshop simply let me (and my team) know and we’ll refund your investment.


  • How do I register?
    • Conveniently register through this link here. You’ll also be able to share your details and needs through the registration process. This will help customize the training experience.
    • Once you do, expect an email with log-in information to the Online Workshop.
  • What if I have questions before The Online Workshop?


There you have! If what I shared resonated with you, if you want on-going mentorship and support while joining other like-minded individuals from around the world, take the next step by registering on this page here.

I can’t wait to “see” you and pay-it-forward by letting a friend know.

Here to help you live your purpose,



Is there a specific challenge(s)/struggle(s) that you’re looking to overcome in your life/business/career right now and wondering what to do next?

Kindly let me know what that is so I can make it part of one of the upcoming Online Workshops. Email with what you’d like me to support you with. All information you send remains confidential. So what is it? I look forward to reading you!