Having a dream, a vision, and an inspiring mission is an exciting thing. Exciting because it engages all of who we are to the core. So much so, that it becomes the drive for what we hope to achieve in life not only for ourselves, but for those we care about as well.

It’s been the case for It’s Time To Bloom founder’s Robindra Mohar & Myrah Penaloza, who have started what’s become a movement. A movement because their uplifting initiative has managed to be the catalyst for people’s ability to believe they could go after their dreams and aspirations, and make them a reality. A reality, while overcoming their fears and doubts.

On this day, despite presenting It’s Time To Bloom featured speaker Neale Donald Walsch (click here to watch his interview) they graciously made the time to share some pointers for those looking to also make a difference through their own meaningful work.

Each of us have a purpose. Each of of us have a calling. Each of us have the ability to start making  a difference right where we are with the right mindset. And Robindra & Myrah are the embodiment of that.



As I mentioned in the video, Robindra, Myrah, and I would love to hear from you. From the way they’ve felt inspired to start their movement, to being focused on serving and coming from a place of giving, what’s the biggest insight you’re taking away from this conversation? What actions does that inspire you to take as it relates to your own inspired vision?

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