Today, I thought I’d send you a quick recap of the ClarityTalk that took place right before getting into the group PSP meditation class last Saturday as well as the challenges we tackled  during the PSP class.

Here are the key points that I shared during the ClarityTalk:

As leaders of our own lives and as leaders of people, when we think about building a legacy, making a difference, and do what we’re meant to do, it’s key that we:

  • Remind ourselves of the importance of looking for answers and direction within ourselves first.
  • Embrace the responsibility we have, as leaders who must know where we’re headed in life and where we’re leading others, to put ourselves in a position where we can hear our guided inner-voice and sometimes guided voice (intuition). In short, be in a position where we have clarity. This is achieved through proper introspection.
  • Carefully choose what type of spiritual practice to make part of our daily lives. I recommend one that not only has practical applications for our daily lives, work, and business, but is also complete in a way that it integrates body, mind, AND spirit. This is something I showed how to do during the PSP class or when working privately with clients during private guided PSP sessions.
  • Be emotionally and spiritually open. This facilitates not only the right and timely thoughts, insights, ideas, and questions to rise to the surface of our mind, but also creates the space that makes deeper introspection possible.
  • Allow ourselves to be curious to see where a spiritual experience like the PSP can take us mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Of course, this is a mindset that can be applied to life when opportunities come our way. This curiosity, when adopted, also helps us go deeper within ourselves, which in turn increases our chances to have a more profound spiritual and emotional experience during  a spiritual practice like the PSP.

As we focus on those key elements, the right spiritual practice improves our ability to have clearer direction resulting from our ability to connect on a deeper level with:

  • The essence of who we are.
  • What our unique contribution through our lives, work, and business is.

In turn, this makes us better leaders of our lives but of others as well. Here are some highlights of the ClarityTalk and the PSP class.



Following the ClarityTalk, we learned during the PSP class:

  • What to do with all the ideas that come through during the PSP meditation.
  • The steps to enhance our ability to be guided in the right direction using the PSP as a clarity tool.
  • How to deal with resistance when insights or ideas are trying to make their way to us, in our mind, during the PSP meditation.
  • How to develop deeper trust and surrender.


If you’d like to master those items or have questions about them, I invite you to:

  • Join me at the next PSP class by reserving your spot here.
  • Book a Clarity Session with me for a private and guided PSP session, here.


Question for you.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve experienced while meditating and what’s the one thing you’ve done in order to overcome it?

Leave a comment below and let us know. Remember to be as specific as possible.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to watch and share. Much appreciated and talk soon!


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