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There’s nothing more frustrating than wondering what’s your purpose in life when you so badly want to get on a path or career that we feel we’ll be able to focus on for the long term. A path or career that will make us feel right inside.

The uncertainty around our purpose, especially when we have an idea of what it could be but can’t quite articulate it, can also be a frustrating experience. A frustrating one because it highlights not only our desire to finding meaning in life, but also the fact that we’re not in the right place in our jobs, career, business, even life.

As we find ourselves wondering “what is my purpose?”, we end up going through cycles and patterns that take us back exactly in the same place within a few months or a few years. That place where we find ourselves struggling with key questions such as who am I, what is my purpose and what do I have to offer.

The price to pay for being in this life-sucking cycle is most inevitably: our time.

How much time do we continue to waste if we don’t reach that place of purpose clarity that we know, deep down, once achieved, would help everything in our lives fall into place and figure itself out?

Earlier on my journey when I was wondering how to find a purpose in life, having someone who understood the fact that I was on this particular journey and could help me figure out my true purpose would’ve made a difference. The kind of difference that would’ve easily fast-forwarded my growth and where I wanted to be in life by 5-10 years, easily. Imagine what you could do with this amount of time.

The choice then becomes ours to take the proper steps to find the right resources and mentors that can help us answer this life enhancing question for us. So if you haven’t taken those steps yet, find that resource or person who will help you figure out how to find your purpose in life. Nowadays, it’s easier to search online for those resources and people who can help with purpose-related matters.

The choice becomes ours to not keep on putting off having one of the most important question in our lives answered.

So how to overcome doubts about our purpose?

1. Have the desire to know how to find your purpose in life.

It starts by having the genuine desire  to want to know what it is even if you don’t know what to do in life and have frustrating questions such as “what should I do, what should I be, what should I do with my life.”

2. Be pro-active in your search for purpose clarity.

It’s about pro-actively, without putting things off or procrastinating, finding the right resources or mentors that can help us figure it out. Not everyone has the gift to be able to help someone uncover what their true purpose is. Find someone who has a reputation for helping people articulate their true purpose. I refer to it as core purpose. A core purpose being that purpose that once reached is like the North Star in the sky, fixed. It’s the purpose that governs the way that we move through life, work, business, in a way that’s integrated and fluid. Meaning that we don’t have to be one way at work, in a business setting, with people.

3. Develop and adopt purpose-driven behavior and purpose-centered decision-making processes.

Because it’s not enough to know what our core purpose is, we must develop purpose-driven behaviors and purpose-centered decision-making processes that will keep on reinforcing our alignment to our purpose and that whatever we’re called to be doing in our career, work, or business. This way of operating will ensure that we keep on doing or at least move towards what we’re meant and called to do. Not nurturing those types of behaviors and processes will inevitably create a vacuum where doubts can creep. Doubts leading us to question our path, our choices, and the reasons why we’re doing what we’re doing. So we need to keep our lives and all of it areas air-tight so-to-speak, by staying grounded in our core purpose. So what are areas in your life that you feel could use some re-alignment to your purpose?

4. Do a life check-up and self-assessment.

It’s helpful to regularly do a life-checkup to see if we’re in alignment or out-of alignment with our purpose in various areas of our lives. No different that a vehicle needing a wheel-alignment done regularly. Asking oneself the following question can be helpful: “With a core purpose that governs every aspect of my life, are the most important parts of my life aligned to it including the way that I relate to and impact others?” This can help highlight areas of misalignment that need to be addressed.

5. Be mentally tough and resilient.

There will be life circumstances and times when things aren’t happening the way we hope them to or as fast as we wish. Those are the times when we’re most susceptible to being overwhlemed with self-doubts. Self-doubts about ourselves, our worthiness for doing what we feel called to do, and our abilities as well as skillsets. When you hit those rough patches, remember that…

I believe in you.

There’s a reason why you’re doing what you’re doing.

As long as you know what you core purpose is, keep your eyes on it. Because by doing so, you’ll be guided to find the right road for yourself. 

You have a purpose. Live it out.


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