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Ever felt stressed, in a state of confusion, frustrated because you’re not getting the answers you’re seeking?

How about feeling off centre?

Or even that you’d like to get a clear sign from God because you want to know what to do next and how to go about it in a way that still aligns with Him?

And it seems that whoever you happen to go to for advice and direction, as well-intentioned as they are, the answers you get from them still leave you unfulfilled, unclear, and frustrated.

What you need and want at this point is clarity. I get it.

The good news is that when you can have it.

When a lot of opportunities constantly present themselves, particularly when being a business-owner, aspiring full-time entrepreneur, or even a leader, knowing which one to choose and focus on can become a frustrating experience.

So which one to choose?

And how to know which opportunity comes from God? (this is a question I was asked by someone who’s self-employed as we were going through The Peaceful State Process. More on that coming up).

Now this question can’t be answered with a simple answer but a multi-layered one.

In a culture where we’ve been conditioned to get quick and simple answers now, the process of determining (or discerning), which path is the right path to follow takes patience, discipline, and an increased ability to discern, which in turn leads to clarity.

Discernment or the ability to make the right decision is a skill. And just like any skill, it can be honed. 

This ability only comes with sustained effort and practice. And the process of discernment (or the clarity process), becomes easier once you have the right process in place to filter all your decisions through.

This is where The Peaceful State Process comes in.

See it’s easy for us, and I’ve also been guilty of this in the past, to rely on ourselves and/or go to others with the hope of getting the answers we seek. In this case, we go externally to seek answers.

While sometimes this can be helpful, there’s one particular instance where this approach doesn’t work.


Because the answers we’re seeking in this case are spiritual in nature.

And this is what we sometimes fail to recognize.


Picture this.

When you have medical symptoms, doesn’t it make sense to go see a doctor?  When you have a sports injury, doesn’t it make sense to go see a physiotherapist?

Now imagine that you had a medical symptom, didn’t know that it was a medical symptom and went to the physiotherapist… would you get the answers and even solutions you’re after?


Most likely, the experience you’ll go through and answers from the physio-therapist will put you back in a state of:

  • Confusion because you know that something is wrong but don’t what it is exactly.
  • Frustration because you need a solution to this problem.
  • Stress because this problem is now on your mind bothering you, right?

Well the same thing happens when it comes having spiritual symptoms and not recognizing their nature. And because of that, we end up going to people who are not qualified or able to offer you spiritual answers.

So the first step is to recognize that we have a spiritual symptom or question. Especially when you have the desire to be in alignment with God and are looking for a clear sign from Him.

Only then can we get ourselves on the right track to finding peace again through the newfound clarity because now… we went to the right spiritual person and guide for support.

Allow me to illustrate this with an example.

I recently had a successful and aspiring social entrepreneur, who happens to be Muslim (there’s a good reason why I mention this so read on), who was open to go through The Peaceful State Process, which is a Process I’ve fine-tuned over the last couple of years.

And not knowing what to expect and how the Process would impact her, she still decided to go through it because she trusted me enough to guide her through it, which I’m humbly grateful for.


Here were her challenges:

  • She was frustrated because she was looking for a clear sign from God relative to some very important choices she had to make because she gets inundated with great opportunities constantly… so which one was she to choose?
  • She so badly wanted a clear sign from God because she wanted to ensure that whatever she would choose would allow her to still be aligned with God.
  • Every time someone would offer her some type of coaching and mentoring, she would leave the experience with feelings that didn’t sit well with her, still felt directionless, frustrated, and even felt worse off than before.
  • She experienced resistance every time there was an opportunity to help her get closer to God by addressing the most important matter that needed to be addressed. Matter that was in fact spiritual in nature but she couldn’t realize it at the time (That’s why it pays to have the right spiritual guide in your back pocket who can recognize these things).


The solution.

After listening to her frustration and current challenges, I invited her to experience The Peaceful State Process (I was confident that it could help her) and I’ll share with you why in a sec’.

The Peaceful State Process is a process that I have fine-tuned over the last few years as part of my own spiritual experiment.

At that time, I was looking for a way to get a clearer understanding of how life works, what my purpose was, and how to heal. This obsession led me to accidentally become more curious about spirituality and God.

I was also looking to see how I could have different results in my life since at that time, 2012, I had experienced my tipping point in life (a broken engagement with more on that coming up), that had left me in a ditch with no money, debt, no job, no business, while being emotionally and spiritually drained, as well as wiped out.

During that time and after experiencing a profound and miraculous spiritual experience (more on that in later posts), I was determined to figure out this idea of spirituality, not religion, but spirituality, and see how it could help me get different and better results in life.

I understood that in order for me to get where I truly desired to be, I had to do something different in my life compared to what I had previously done in the past 10 years, prior to 2012. And I certainly needed to become a different person.

So I made a commitment to myself, made a deal with God that I’d give Him a shot and allow Him to lead the next 10 years of my life… and see what would happen.

“Ok, God… You’re in!” (Yeah, we could say that I had Him sitting on the sideline… on the bench, up to that point).

That day, I made the choice to start running, everything, every decision, every dilemma, problems, opportunities, by Him.

I also committed to get to know what He was really about, while suspending all of my pre-conceived notions about Him, religion, and spirituality. I chose to also suspend any bad experience I’d had in the past that shaped my views on God, religion, the church, and life in general.

I chose to simply become curious and be open to see where this spiritual experiment would lead me.

Now how does this relate to The Peaceful State Process?

Well, in order for me to get all the answers I was seeking, and know how I should change my life in order to get what my heart truly desired, I committed to a regimented daily spiritual practice/ritual every morning, and at times, night.

Because I had just come out of a relationship that not only had increasingly become emotionally, verbally, and even at times physically abusive, which led to me breaking off the engagement (who knew a guy could be victim of that too! I certainly didn’t think so… what an eye-opener this experience was! and who would believe that! I’m 6’3” ! Anyway…), what I needed most at that time was:

  • Healing (because I was licking my “wounds since I got a taste of what it was like to be in an abusive relationship)
  • Peace (because I needed to get centered again and figure stuff out)
  • Clarity (“Where was my life going? Why was this happening to me?” were some of the questions I had at that time since I found myself at the lowest point of my life back then. If the saying goes “being back at square one”, I was at -5.)
  • Restoration (man was I ever emotionally and spiritually broken. It’s only while healing from this relationship that I realized how little by little, the effect of this abuse had been chipping away at me, emotionally and spiritually, little by little, without me noticing)

So as I sat out to adopt this new lifestyle, here’s what my mornings would consist of the following:

  • I adopted a meditative, healing, and prayerful process that would impact me on all 3 levels of my being at the same time: Mind, body, spirit.
  • I didn’t know it then, but it’s what would become what I call today The Peaceful State Process, which would consist of these steps. Nothing revolutionary. Simply a different way of using common spiritual practices that most of us are familiar with. The magic, however, happens in knowing how to properly blend them.

So here are the steps (Again, click here to download the full self-guided outline):

Putting myself in what I call “Spiritual State”. This is the relaxation part of this process where I would put myself in a comfortable position with my eyes closed, which makes it easier to turn inwards.

  • I would then read my foundation prayer. The foundation prayer, for me, was key because what I realized over time is that it forced all of me (mind, body and spirit) to point in God’s direction. Just like tuning into the right “spiritual” frequency so-to-speak.
  • Then I would pick the scripture I was meant to be reading that day (since I wanted to learn about God, what better place to do so). I wanted to see what it is that I could learn that morning. Clearly, I was taking full responsibility for my spirituality and taking this matter into my own hands. Since I was set on getting to know how God works, how he works with people, how he guides them, this is where (scriptures) my heart was led to find answers. And for the first time in my life, I decided to simply surrender to this experience and allow myself to be curious.
  • I would always mind the silence and learn to be comfortable in it. It’s during those moments of silence where I would just “be”, that I would get the answers, clarity, and even the healing that I needed that day.
  • Not that this step is necessarily a step, but whenever I’d have questions that would come up during this Process, I would remind myself to use them so I could start and engage into a dialogue with God. I laugh because at first, I wasn’t able to and didn’t feel that I could hear (from) Him (as weird as this sounds). Nothing, no voice, no whisper, Nada! Looking back, I believe the main reason was because of not only the noise/chatter in my mind, but the fact that I simply wasn’t ready to “hear” Him. See, looking back, I realize that my spiritual senses weren’t developed yet. In more concrete terms, my “ears” hadn’t been trained to recognize God’s voice.

I remember experiencing lots of resistance when it came to reading the scriptures (I only read the stories from Matthew to John in case you’re interested. My curiosity for some reason was focused on only learning what Jesus had to say about life, his philosophy, how to treat each other.

My focus was on seeing, for myself, through this spiritual experiment how much sense what he had to say made. That was it. Nothing more, nothing less.

Now. In the spirit of being transparent, the reason why I had suspended all pre-conceived notions and feelings about spirituality and God is because I wanted to not only take this matter into my own hands so I could get answers myself by going to the source, but also that, if it didn’t make sense to me, that I could simply walk away from this idea of spirituality and God.

The funny thing is that as I would first start reading the scriptures, it felt as if the letters were scrambled and I was reading gibberish. Reading them was mentally painful.

It felt as if my mind didn’t want to take the information in, wasn’t ready for it, and didn’t get it.

So I had force myself to read what I could (I would even fall asleep while reading a short scripture). This clearly was a different kind of mental exercise that I wasn’t accustomed to.

Overtime though, it seemed that the letters “re-arranged” themselves, as strange as this sounds, and I could then actually read the scriptures.

Overtime, I got to understand them a little more. Little by little, I was able to make the connection between what I was reading and how it could be applied to my life.

Slowly but surely, I started getting more and more of the answers I was seeking.

Slowly but surely, my spirit was getting stronger and my ego was losing its strength and the hold it had on me.

Slowly, my (rebellious) mind started to accept this new information.

Slowly but surely, my body, mind, and spirit connection was getting stronger.

Slowly but surely, I was gaining more clarity.

But most importantly, I tapped into a profound peace that I was able to carry out off this Peaceful State Process into my daily life and all its facets, including business.

And that, was only possible because The Peaceful State Process, turns out, was helping me stregnthen my personal relationship with God.

I suddenly didn’t feel that I was on this life journey alone, that I was playing a guessing game and living life by trial-and-error anymore.

I felt stronger from within.

This time around, I felt that I had a higher power, God, to guide my steps. I felt connected and it felt and still feels… so good. Even 3 years later.

Now, one thing I’d like to make clear. I’m not a theologian,  expert in spiritual matters, and interpretation of scriptures… and will never claim that.

I’m a regular guy who decided to go through this spiritual experiment a few years ago, learned things along the way that have made a great positive impact in my life, and only here to share with you what I’ve learned and what is working.

That’s all.

And another point regarding what The Peaceful State Process isn’t and that it is:

  • Not therapy
  • Not a a substitute for medical advice
  • Not designed to convert anyone to Christianity
  • Not about religion but spirituality instead and about developing a personal relationship with God, while adopting a new way of life.


What is The Peaceful State Process?

It is a meditative, healing, and transformative experience designed to strengthen anyone’s personal relationship with God.

Other benefits of The Peaceful State Process include conquering:

  • Stress
  • Fear and doubts
  • Frustration
  • Uncertainty
  • Past wounds

Now that I’ve shared with you what The Peaceful State Process is, let’s go back to our friend who decided to go through it and see how she benefited from the experience.


The Outcome and benefits.

As we went through the Process over the phone, after initially connecting over Skype, she finally experienced:

  • The clarity she needed after realizing where she needed to look for and get the answers she was seeking.
  • A renewed confidence in herself and the epiphany about not to be afraid to trust her own voice.
  • A sense of peace.

Remember me mentioning that she was Muslim? Here’s why I felt it was important for me to mention this.

The point that I hope to drive home here is that all too often we, myself included before starting this spiritual experiment, bundle spirituality and religion as one of the same when I believe they are two separate things.

Life is, in my humble perspective, about the personal relationship we have with with God. Period.

Each one of us have a unique spiritual journey that must be respected.

Especially because God works with each and everyone of us in a very unique way that sometimes, we are bound to not understand.

And despite the fact that during The Peaceful State Process, I use a Christian-based scripture since it’s part of my methodology, this successful, spiritually curious and open entrepreneur, who happens to be Muslim, was able to get the spiritual answers she was after and couldn’t get anywhere else.

So in my perspective, spirituality and religion are separate things. And I believe God is for everyone.

I believe The Peaceful State Process is for and can be utilized by anyone regardless of religious background because it is spiritual in nature and not religious, which is why I so love the opportunity and privilege to have the ability to work with anyone regardless of, again, their religious background.

At the end of the day, it’s about the personal relationship we’re able to develop with God and how we respond to His call.

And it’s for that reason, that I feel truly and humbly blessed by the opportunity I feel was given to make a difference this way and I’m able to share with you what is working for me on this spiritual journey.


So to recap: What is The Peaceful State Process?

“The Peaceful State Process” is a meditative, healing, and transformative spiritual practice designed to help gain:

  • A profound sense of peace.
  • A profound sense of inner-strength.
  • Clarity.
  • A clear sense of what your purpose is.
  • A stronger connection to God.
  • Better discernment.
  • Greater patience.
  • Freedom both spiritual and emotional (meaning emotions won’t have a hold on you anymore).
  • A greater sense of oneness with God and the flow/rhythm of life.
  • A stronger body/mind/spirit connection.
  • Healing.


Finally, “The Peaceful State Process” is a complete spiritual practice because it targets, when its simple yet effective principles are applied, all 3 levels of the being at the same time:

  • The spirit.
  • The mind.
  • The body.


What I’d like you to do now.

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