I am flow and I want you to be one with me for I know where you need to be and I know what your heart longs for.

You may think that you know what you want but what you think you want is only a glimpse, a spec, of the things I have in store for you which are beyond your wildest dreams and imagination.

Only I know what will completely fulfill your heart and overflow your heart with joy, peace, and cont entment.

I want you to have all of it and experience the  depth of the gifts that awaits you.

As I desperately want to release them to you, I need you to help me bless you with them so you can have it all.

Help me by learning to flow with me, to move with me.

Like the waters in the ocean, I have a current. A current specifically for you meant to effortlessly take you where I know you want to be.

So leave your hand in those waters as you sit on the paddle of your life and feel the current, feel me.

By doing so and being still, patiently waiting, you will know what to do next.

You will know when to


Be still

Speed things up

Slow things down



Bask in silence.

Know where to position yourself so you can catch the right wave because sometimes, we must set ourselves and paddle where most wouldn’t think of positioning themselves…

Away from where the masses are.

Away from what everyone else think is the best place to be and wait.

But you are different.

You operate differently.

You are meant to be on a different path.

You are meant to catch a different wave.

You choose to take the time to deeply connect with the waters of life.

Remember to feel its courant and listening to what it’s telling you to do.

This communion is spiritual in nature. It’s what will ultimately help mend your spirituality, your work, and your life so they all work as one.

The journey is about learning to be one with life and moving with it.

Life knows best where we need to be and it can take us there effortlessly.

Our responsibility is to surrender to its courant. The courant it wants us to be on. The one specific for us.

But for us to get to that place our heart longs to find itself in, all we have to do is to…




Now I’d like to hear from you…

What’s the biggest insight or take-away from reading Flow? With this new found insight, what’s the one thing that you can implement today?

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Here to help you live your purpose,


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