Today’s post is inspired by Kristie, a Real Life Mechanics newsletter subscriber, whose question has to do with:

How to find fulfillment out of a career while trying to find one’s purpose and area to serve others?


I really wanted to address this question because this is a situation I remember struggling with in the early stage of my purpose journey and experiencing a lot of frustration around this question.

it was in early 2000 and I was at a point where I started looking for direction and answers. Based on experience, the way we go about finding answers will vary from one person to the next.

Whether it’s taking an extended trip, quitting our job, going on a retreat for a few days, sinking our teeth into a particular field of interest, or taking a break from work, that point in time where we ask ourselves this key life question is an exciting time of our lives.

It is because what follows will help define the next chapter of our lives, which, I believe, is an adventure in itself.

An adventure that requires us to have the courage to do what must be done in order for us to feel satisfied with the lives we’ve lived when looking back at our life.

With this being said, I’ll share with you 13 insights that can help get clearer around how to find fulfillment out of career, while trying to find one’s purpose and area to serve others.

So how to find fulfilling out of your career? Let’s dive in.

Based on my experience being super-focused and intentional regarding finding my purpose and living it out, here’s what I’ve found has helped me find fulfillment out of my current career:

The key is to find the right career because the right one will bring us fulfillment. Obvious, I know.

So once this has been established, the next question becomes how do I find the right career?

This journey starts with:


  • Relentlessly doing what it takes to find your purpose.

Be absolutely relentless and resilient when it comes to being clear on what your life’s purpose is. The definition of purpose will of course vary from one person to another.

Regardless of what it is, do what you can to reach that checkpoint. Never stop until you do find it and are able to articulate what your purpose is.

By making it your primary drive, this attitude will allow you to ground yourself in such a way where everything you’ll do will align with that drive.

Once the purpose is defined the next step simply is to align everything in your life with it.

So until then, I suggest not allowing anyone or anything to come in between you and your search for your purpose.

This mindset and attitude will lead you towards the answers you seek much faster.

As you adopt this mindset, one of the challenges to keep in mind is the strength to let go of what you feel will drive you away from that path, including people.

To conclude this section, if you find yourself in a place where you want to ensure that you’re on the right track when it comes to clarifying your purpose and calling in life, you can download the Purpose Checklist here.



  • Doing some deep digging to increase self-awareness.


Experience is the the best teacher and the best way to increase our self-awareness..

Whether we’re talking about a professional or a business career, only when choosing to pursue the career our hearts draw us to, can we then end up knowing what we like, dislike, what excites us, and what doesn’t. So we must follow our heart.

So where’s your heart pulling towards right now?



Another way to increase our self-awareness is to go inward with a complete spiritual practice such as the Peaceful State Process (PSP). To learn more about what I consider to be a complete spiritual practice, click here.

Based on experience, a complete spiritual practice can help us get to a place where we become in touch, on a deeper level, with our emotions. Emotions that we can then rely on as our life compass.

A life compass where our emotions can guide us to or away from opportunities that are either serve or don’t serve us. By getting to trust our emotions, it becomes easier to recognize opportunities that will bring us fulfillment.

What has helped increase my emotional awareness is the PSP, my personalized complete spiritual practice that I also teach others on. The right spiritual practice can help deepen our emotional connection. That’s why I suggest that we should all invest our time nurturing our spiritual side, as I have. It pays dividends in ways one can’t even imagine.

If you’d like to give the complete spiritual practice I’ve fine-tuned over the years called the Peaceful State Process (PSP), click here for a complimentary self-guided outline.


Core values

Knowing what we’re looking for is difficult when we’re not clear about what we stand for.

In order to find fulfillment out of a career and in any other area of our lives for that matter, we must be in a place where we know that whatever we’re involved in, aligns with our core values.

We must be able to articulate them.

When we do this, it becomes easier to see what is, from career to people, the right fit for us.

Having been so clear on what my values are has allowed me to quickly accept or dismiss what should or shouldn’t be in my life. It has allowed me not to clutter my life with what doesn’t matter, while creating the needed mental space so I’m able to see things more clearly.

So my suggestion is to get clear on what our core values are.

If you’re wondering how to determine what your core values are, my answer is: Good ol’ Google. They are all sorts of test that you can take out there. See which one works for you.

Life and work experience.

This insight is about paying attention to our life and work experience. They can be great signposts for what brings us fulfillment and what doesn’t.

A good way to get more clarity around that is by looking at our past experiences and doing an inventory of:

    • Emotions around a particular occupation or tasks within those occupations
    • The way people respond to you
    • Task or activities that make you feel alive and re-energize you
    • The times you caught yourself saying “I could do this all day”
    • The times you caught yourself saying “I should get paid doing this”
    • Those times when time flew by when doing something you could get paid doing and wanted to do it again
    • Activities, jobs, tasks that drain, deplete, you
    • Your natural abilities or core strengths
    • The things your love to do or aspire to do (Gotta follow your heart)



  • Seeking direction within ourself.

The one things I’ve come to realize once I made the choice to try a different approach to building a fulfilling life back in 2012, by focusing on laying a solid spiritual foundation into my life vs rely solely on myself (read post), is that all, and I’m not choosing this word lightly, all the answers we seek can be found within us when we choose to connect to God who, from my perspective, so happens to have all the answers. That is of course a personal choice that we all have to make.

By the way, you’ll see me sprinkle the word God in my post and content. Yes, I’m a spiritual guy who doesn’t consider himself religious (even though religion has its place). Remember that I’m here to simply share what I’ve seen has worked, what hasn’t worked based on first-hand experience, working with clients, and supporting friends. My intention is not to impose anything upon you. Simply sharing insights and observations.

If this bothers you or makes you feel uncomfortable, it’s normal, I was once there too.

My suggestion is to accept where you are now. We all have not only a unique personal and spiritual journey, but we all travel at different speeds. Perfectly normal and understandable.

If I lose you now, no big deal. Know that you’re always welcome to come back to this blog at a later time.

With this being said, as someone who has seen how much of a life game-changer going within to find answers and choosing to connect to God is, I can say that surprisingly, it’s when I turned to God for answers that I received them and became super clear on what my purpose was.

I also became clear on what would bring me fulfillment. Including fulfillment out of a career.

I’ll put things into context by sharing what my line of reasoning was at that time:

If we’re meant to do something bigger than us that’s part of the bigger plan, doesn’t it make sense to turn to God for direction (since He’s a greater power)?

After thinking about it, I chose to give it a shot and see where it’d lead me. Regardless of how I’d feel going through the process.

So my suggestion is to turn to the “Big man upstairs” as I’d like to call Him and ask for direction.

And as we look internally for a clearer direction, we must also remember to look externally for circumstances and encounters that will confirm, or not, the answers we find within.

This will raise our level of sensitivity, which I call the 6th sense or spiritual sense, that can be developed and harnessed through the right spiritual practice. For me it was what is now the PSP.


  • Being honest with ourselves.

Paying attention to our feelings.

In order to find fulfillment, we must follow and trust our heart. Often, we know in our heart what it is that we should do and how we feel about it.

Lying to ourselves or down-playing what we deserve is simply something to avoid. Simply because we may not have a plan to realize our desire, not being to act because of fear, this shouldn’t take away our ability to strive to claim how we feel about any particular situation or desire.

That’s being honest with ourselves. Is it easy? no.

But to learn how to strengthen that muscle is key to get closer to what we ultimately want know will bring us fulfillment in life.

So we must honor our feelings.

We must acknowledge what makes us feel alive, re-energizes us, and excites us.

Once we do, keeping our focus on those desired feelings is what grounds us in our ability to get pass fears and doubts. Fears and doubts that can creep up to the surface when finding ourselves in the process of strategizing a plan to get to our desired goal or career.


Being aware of our Dream at all time.

In addition to honoring our feelings, we must also protect our Dream.

I spoke about how focusing on our desired emotions helps fight fears and doubts. When also focusing on our dream, it helps not only ignite the feelings attached to the dream, which act as an emotional compass. A compass there to point us towards the realization of our dream.

The more we connect with our feelings and maintain that level of emotional awareness, it becomes easier to recognize if how we react emotionally to an opportunity matches emotions surrounding our dream, or not.

So we must find opportunities that create emotions that match what we seek emotionally. Those opportunities are the fulfilling ones. Assess the emotions around the opportunity(ies).


Knowing what to look for emotionally.

We must do so because the way we want to feel is, I feel, what we can know for certain. We can know that for certain as opposed to how our life will exactly look like in the future. We may have wishes, a sense of how things could be, and how we’d like them to be, but that’s it. Only God knows exactly how your ideal occupation, business, life will look like in the future.

And as I like to say, God handles the details.

Emotions speak the truth about the situations we find ourselves in and that’s why I believe we should lean on them for clarity.

So when it comes to knowing how to find fulfillment out of our career, we must start by knowing how being in that career will feel like emotionally.



  • Determining who you offer the most value to and have the biggest impact on. Then choose to only work with them.

Finding fulfillment out of a career also comes down to working with the right people. People that also bring us fulfillment while, and after, working with them.

Based on experience, I’ve found that the highest fulfillment is found when we work with people that we offer the most value to.

In order to determine who they are, answers become clear when paying attention to who naturally towards us for our advice, knowledge, skills, perspective.

Notice who’s reaction is most amplified and who is most grateful when you so happen to come to their aid when they need it.

Notice the type of people who bring the best in you, while offering the best of what you know or do. That’s your sweet spot.


  • Taking risks.


Another ingredient to finding fulfillment is taking (calculated) risks.

Nothing happens if we stay still and don’t take chances. Life simply becomes predictable when we do so. If you’re reading this, you probably have no desire to have a “boring” life.

While yes, we can find fulfillment in certain routines, this doesn’t apply when being in search of our purpose. Fulfillment follows motion.

Greater fulfillment comes from the small (calculated) risks we’re willing to take.  So what calculated risk are you willing to start taking?

Nike said it best with “Just Do It”. Who risks nothing gains nothing.

We only know what we’re capable of, capable of having in your life, capable of being only when taking a leap of faith and see where this particular road leads us.

As human-beings we’re designed to adapt to our circumstances, which is the fun part. This is what makes us feel alive. This is how we grow and how, during these times, in the moment, we experience fulfillment.

Take more calculated risks.


  • Diving wholeheartedly into current or new opportunities.


Until we find our fulfilling career, what about the fulfillment that we can get from our current opportunities and situations?

Fulfillment can be found in what we do today.

We can find fulfilling in our current circumstance or opportunity when we choose to look at them as a stepping-stone. A stepping-stone to where we ultimately want to be. Joy and fulfillment can be found, as small as it can be (when we have a crappy job for instance) because we choose to look at it as a mean to an end.

By adopting this mindset, the feeling of joy and fulfillment can surface because of the anticipation of how this present situation is moving us closer to our desired goal and is temporary.

So for now, choosing to realize that our current opportunity is there to:

    • Increase your self-awareness
    • Help add an additional skill-set to our arsenal s or strengthen a current one that will come in handy later
    • Be a stepping stone to the next opportunity and/or training ground preparing us to best carry out our calling (or mission) later
    • Have you learn as much as you can
    • Learn the lessons from this current experience
    • Simply buy you time until the right opportunities and life circumstances come along.

Now. If you hate your current situation and occupation , I bet that you already know what you should do about it.

My suggestion, particularly to a job situation, is to find an occupation that we either enjoy or feel neutral about. This alternative makes it easier to buy time until we can find our ideal and fulfilling career.


  • Finding enjoyment in what you’re currently doing.

This is something I briefly mentioned earlier and am expanding on.

If your current line of work or business doesn’t feel like it’s what you’re meant to do, find comfort in knowing that it is temporary and if so, it’s helping you “buy time” until you find what you’re looking for.

So patience and gratitude are necessary here.

We sometimes find ourselves in occupations that may not be our life-long career, but because we’re purpose-driven, we know deep down that it’s only a temporary mean to an end.

As much as we’d like to get answers and results right away, it takes time for things to “click” so-to-speak and get the desired traction.

What we must learn to cultivate is appreciation for what we currently have, while knowing that, every day, we’re doing something that does bring us closer to living out our fulfilling career, whether it’d be through work, a business, or volunteering.

I say this because I’ve experienced those frustrations and couldn’t wait for that moment where I could say:

“THIS is what I’m meant to be doing!”


  • Being clear on what your calling is in relations to your purpose (after finding your purpose).

To find (ultimate) fulfillment out of a career, we must ensure that what we end up doing, our calling, is a tangible translation of our purpose.

I say this because what we, as I have, look for is to be able to to live out our purpose through our calling.

The one thing I didn’t realized early on was that it helps to realize the difference between the purpose and the calling. I thought my search would end once I’d figure out my purpose. Was I ever wrong!

It was only step 1. Step two was figuring out its tangible translation. To see if you’re on the right track to figuring that out, simply get The Purpose Checklist here.

So the question to ask ourselves is whether what we’re currently doing feels like it aligns and connects to our defined purpose.

So does it?


  • Having the right lifestyle built around  your calling or fulfilling career.

There’s something to be said about the lifestyle a certain career facilitates, which can add to our sense of fulfillment.

The right career or business should help us adopt our desired lifestyle. That’s why sometimes being clear on the kind of lifestyle we want to have makes it easier to determine which career or business is the right fit. It is a different way of approaching the search for fulfillment , which has worked well for me over the years.

So I suggest you give this a try and determining what kind of lifestyle you’d want to have before start a search for the right career.


  • Knowing that what you’re doing is serving a bigger purpose beyond you.

Whether we find ourselves in a place where we’re living out our purpose through our calling or in a stepping-stone career leading us there, focusing on the end goal can fuel our sense of fulfillment.

The end goal being that we’ll serve, in some way, a purpose greater than ourselves. Typically, this includes working with, or for, people and making a difference in their lives.

So we may not have our ideal career yet, but knowing that it helps us get closer to our fulfilling one or know that we don’t want to invest in long-term, shows that our current situation is serving a specific purpose.

This is what I recommend focusing on.


  • Ultimately, the most fulfilling career is the one you create and design.

Having experience both the corporate and the entrepreneurship world, I believe that entrepreneurs have the ultimate luxury of customizing their most fulfilling career.

The perk of being an entrepreneur is that we can get to design our perfect career, work with those who we want to work with and for, decide how often and when.

We can even decide where and how we want to work, which is something worth considering.

So why not start imagining what the ideal career would look like and if there’s a way to make a living doing if this is what your heart calls to do? After all, we’re very fortunate to live in a time where technology allow us to have online businesses with global reach and have easily reachable mentors online.

Just a thought.


  • Appreciating the journey for what it is… a journey.

Will there be frustration to be experienced on this search for fulfillment? Absolutely. Been there, done that. It is to be expected but you know what? I’ve found that a great antidote to these frustrating experiences is simply to enjoy our personal journey.

We must realize how far we’ve come. You must realize how far you’ve come.

We must enjoy and appreciate our personal growth and insights resulting from our past experiences. They’re helping us grow into the person who others will seek out because of our unique combination of skills and experience that only us, individually, have.

And as long as you’re intentional about how you go about creating fulfillment in your life, your career, your business, while having a desire to make a difference in people’s lives… know one thing:

You’ll get there.



So to recap. In order to find fulfillment out of  our career, the better question to ask is how to find the right career. Here’s a quick summary of the insights that can help uncover the fulfilling career:

  • First one must ensure that career, or calling, aligns with our defined purpose. So step one is to be clear on what our purpose is. Again, to see if you’re on the right track to figuring that out, download the complimentary Purpose Checklist here.
  • Our ability to know what is the career that will bring us fulfillment depends on us:
    • Increasing our self-awareness
    • Looking for direction within
    • Being honest with yourself and honoring your feelings
    • Determining who we offer the most value to
    • Taking (calculated) risks
    • Diving wholeheartedly into current and new opportunities
    • Finding enjoyment in what we’re currently doing because we know it’s a temporary mean to an end
    • Being clear on what your calling is in relation to your defined purpose
    • Ensuring our fulfilling career also supports our desired lifestyle
    • Knowing that what we’re doing serves a greater purpose beyond yourself
    • Ultimately creating and designing our own fulfilling career.


Once we finally realize what our fulfilling career is, experiencing fulfillment out of a career will happen because it will:


  • Help create our desired experiences
  • Tap into our core strengths/talent/gift
  • Lead us to make a difference in people or causes that speak to our heart
  • Make us feel alive
  • Make time disappear
  • Stimulate our growth
  • Even allow to be as creative as we want to be


Now I’d like to hear from you:

Have you ever been in a place where you wanted to find fulfillment out of a career, while looking for your purpose?

Any specific decisions, tools, or insights that have repeatedly helped you work through this question?

Leave a comment below and

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