Mick Lolekonda studies purpose and how practical spirituality can fuel not only our sense of fulfilment but business success as well. In this ClarityTalk, he discusses what it takes to best answer the call when we feel called to make a difference.

He shares his insights based on his journey to finding his own purpose and his work with clients. A share-worthy talk.




“MICK – It was great to have you be part of such a special and amazing day for the Mosaic Centre community. Thanks for your energy and continued support of the “house built on purpose in service of others looking for purpose. Stay awesome,

Dennis Cuku | The Solstice Event @ The Mosaic Centre for Conscious Community & Commerce.”


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Now that you’ve watched the video, what’s the biggest insight you’re taking away from this ClarityTalk? What actions does that inspire you to take as it relates to your own desire to want to make a difference and live in alignment with your purpose?

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