The most difficult thing that we can experience at times.

Growth can sometimes happens easily and effortlessly through a process that we feel good about.

Other times, it isn’t so easy taking (painful) effort as we find ourselves anticipating a possible dreadful process.

It’s during those moments particularly when we don’t feel like doing something and feel torn inside, that we must seek clarity. The kind of clarity that will get us out of this internal feeling of unrest and maybe even irritation.

The kind of clarity that will take us back to a place of inner-peace.

The kind of clarity that will help us go through that patch of resistance.

The kind of clarity that will lead us to finding the right reason(s) which in turn will help us do the right thing for ourselves and everyone connected to the situation at hand.

The right thing being that action that disempowers our ego and the negative hold that it may have on us while freeing us from negative thinking that prevents us from being the best version of ourselves.

The right thing to do driven by the right reason is the answer that when we act upon it, will positively impact anything and everything attached to the situation that caused us to feel torn inside.

And isn’t this the point of life?

That we go through it doing the things that will benefit everyone involved while it crushes our ego and instead elevates our Self, making room for the opportunity for us to be the best version of our-selves?

As hard as getting to this point may be,

As hard as freeing ourselves from the (very attractive) hold that our ego can have on us can be…

We can do our part by finding that one simple reason, the right reason, that can help us move passed a situation that is stalling our ability to be our best selves and grow.

Once we find it, the right reason will help remove any resistance, irritation, or frustration that we may have been experiencing, making way for a course of action that simply feels right.

Find the right reason.

Because when you find it, it will fuel your personal…


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