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You feel yourself having to make a choice that would take you off the only path you envision yourself being on, yet this little detour seems necessary because of what might be at stake in your life. A detour could be in the form off an opportunity that either you had to seek out because of new life circumstances or it simply presented itself to you. So what is one to do? Go for it or not?

The opportunity in itself could be a good one but taking it could mean that your life wouldn’t look the way that you envision it.

By taking this opportunity, you’d feel that you’d be leading a life that doesn’t align with your vision and maybe even feel that you’d be going against everything you vowed you wouldn’t go back to ever again.

You feel that this opportunity would’t give you what you’ve ultimately been looking for. It being maybe a certain level of freedom, an ability to do more of what you really want to do. And this could all be true.

But if going that route is simply something that must be done at this point in time, maybe there’s a good reason why that door opened and one should consider going through it.

Going through that door doesn’t mean that it is THE door. It doesn’t mean that if you choose to go through it, that you’ll be behind it forever. You could come back out of it at a later time.

Going through that door doesn’t mean that you’ll be give up pursuing with even more resilience, drive, and determination, what you really want to have in your life. You could still devote some time, energy, and effort towards continuing to design your ideal life.

Taking this opportunity that may not sit well with you at first is, like other times in our lives, something that we must explore simply to see where it’ll lead us.

At this point in time, it’s about having faith that if it’s not meant to pan out for us, it’s obvious the this was not our path to take.

In order to find our path, we must explore all the ones that present themselves to us especially when it’s time to see how our lives can be enhanced while looking at this process as a process of elimination.

We must continue to explore those possibilities while acting upon the things that we can control and recognizing our strong feelings towards how we envision our lives to be like, how we see ourselves, and THE path that we feel called to take.

THE path that will bring us the most joy and fulfillment.

THE path that resonates the most with who we believe ourselves to be.

So while opportunities may present themselves and not seem ideal relative to how it will shape our lives and lifestyle based on our desired vision, it’s important that we open ourselves up to the possibility that maybe they are worth exploring.

And when that door opens with an opportunity worth considering, the only way to know how it’s meant to impact our lives if at all, is by going through that door.

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