22 11, 2017

Confidently market your business with credibility

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If you have a business, such as a life coaching, that’s very small at the moment due to time constraint with work and possibly school, it may come a time where the one thing you’d love to learn is how to confidently market your business with credibility. This is not uncommon by the way when starting a business and wanting to make a business grow.

As you […]

12 04, 2017


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Everything in life happens in sequence.

There’s an order to the way circumstances and defining moments happen.

Our place is to understand the natural occurrence and development of these events.

This sequencing happens regardless of our involvement or not. Yet the ones that can notice it are set to be able to take full advantage of it and act accordingly.

Acting accordingly by developing a greater sense of awareness and guided intuition.

It’s a 3 part equation where first, life […]

31 03, 2017


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I am flow and I want you to be one with me for I know where you need to be and I know what your heart longs for.

You may think that you know what you want but what you think you want is only a glimpse, a spec, of the things I have in store for you which are beyond your wildest dreams and imagination.

Only I know what will completely fulfill your heart and overflow […]

5 10, 2016

From 9-to-5 To Full-time Entrepreneur.

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Today is a Q&A episode of Real Life Mechanics that’s inspired by a Clarity Session I had with a client recently.

The session revolved around his desire to and question around transitioning from a 9-5 to building his business full-time.

Some of us can sometimes experience this intense feeling of wanting to make the leap however, because of the fact that we simply don’t have a clear way to make it happen, don’t have the proper guidance, or haven’t learned what […]

15 06, 2016

How To Use Spirituality in Our Daily Life & Business – ClarityTalk.

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Today, I thought I’d send you a quick recap of the ClarityTalk that took place right before getting into the group PSP meditation class last Saturday as well as the challenges we tackled  during the PSP class.

Here are the key points that I shared during the ClarityTalk:

As leaders of our own lives and as leaders of people, when we think about building a legacy, making a difference, and do what we’re meant to do, it’s […]

5 05, 2016

How To Start A Movement: Mick Lolekonda & It’s Time To Bloom Robindra + Myrah

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Having a dream, a vision, and an inspiring mission is an exciting thing. Exciting because it engages all of who we are to the core. So much so, that it becomes the drive for what we hope to achieve in life not only for ourselves, but for those we care about as well.

It’s been the case for It’s Time To Bloom founder’s Robindra Mohar & Myrah Penaloza, who have started what’s become a movement. A movement […]

15 04, 2016

Neale Donald Walsch & Mick Lolekonda: Conversations with God.

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Funny how life works. It can bring us the best surprises when we least expect it. A few weeks before meeting today’s guest on my online show Real Life Mechanics, it felt as if life kept on poking me by saying that he was someone I should cross paths with.

I started seeing more frequently his face in the most random places (coffee shops), posters highlighting his upcoming event presented by It’s Time To Bloom at […]

19 02, 2016

How to Find Fulfillment In A Career While Searching For Purpose.

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Today’s post is inspired by Kristie, a Real Life Mechanics newsletter subscriber, whose question has to do with:

How to find fulfillment out of a career while trying to find one’s purpose and area to serve others?


I really wanted to address this question because this is a situation I remember struggling with in the early stage of my purpose journey and experiencing a lot of frustration around this question.

it was in early 2000 and I was […]

4 11, 2015

13 spiritual growth and meditation tips to help you grow spiritually.

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So I thought that it was time that I share my two cents regarding tips for spiritual growth that I see online.

Tips that are shared to help people deepen their spirituality, and strengthen their relationship with God.

Some of course are good pointers but others, I feel, point people in the wrong direction.

So today, I’m clarifying based on the spiritual experiment, I’ve been conducting since a few years ago, what helps and what doesn’t.

And if seeing […]

4 09, 2015

How to get inner-peace and clarity using the Peaceful State Process.

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Download the full self-guided outline for The Peaceful State Process
Ever felt stressed, in a state of confusion, frustrated because you’re not getting the answers you’re seeking?

How about feeling off centre?

Or even that you’d like to get a clear sign from God because you want to know what to do next and how to go about it in a way that still aligns with Him?

And it seems that whoever you happen to go to for advice and direction, […]