25 04, 2017


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The most difficult thing that we can experience at times.

Growth can sometimes happens easily and effortlessly through a process that we feel good about.

Other times, it isn’t so easy taking (painful) effort as we find ourselves anticipating a possible dreadful process.

It’s during those moments particularly when we don’t feel like doing something and feel torn inside, that we must seek clarity. The kind of clarity that will get us out of this internal feeling […]

31 03, 2017


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I am flow and I want you to be one with me for I know where you need to be and I know what your heart longs for.

You may think that you know what you want but what you think you want is only a glimpse, a spec, of the things I have in store for you which are beyond your wildest dreams and imagination.

Only I know what will completely fulfill your heart and overflow […]