20 03, 2017

You Have A Gift And You Want To Offer It To The World…

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Man(!) do I love any opportunity to answer questions when I’m asked for business direction. It’s all about helping someone get that next-step clarity.

On that beautiful saturday afternoon, here I was at Credo Coffee smiling as I was asked the following questions that I was eager to answer.

To put it into context, I was spending time with someone who felt has a gift and want to offer it to the world. She wanted to […]

11 01, 2017

How To Set Intentions For The New Year.

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Today’s Q&A episode of Real Life Mechanics is inspired by something that I do every year, which is to have a theme for the year to come. This process helps me focus on how to set intentions for the new year.

This is the first time that I share this practice of mine publicly and I’m deciding to start a tradition where every year, I get to “declare” the theme for that year, set the intention for […]

5 10, 2016

From 9-to-5 To Full-time Entrepreneur.

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Today is a Q&A episode of Real Life Mechanics that’s inspired by a Clarity Session I had with a client recently.

The session revolved around his desire to and question around transitioning from a 9-5 to building his business full-time.

Some of us can sometimes experience this intense feeling of wanting to make the leap however, because of the fact that we simply don’t have a clear way to make it happen, don’t have the proper guidance, or haven’t learned what […]

15 04, 2016

Neale Donald Walsch & Mick Lolekonda: Conversations with God.

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Funny how life works. It can bring us the best surprises when we least expect it. A few weeks before meeting today’s guest on my online show Real Life Mechanics, it felt as if life kept on poking me by saying that he was someone I should cross paths with.

I started seeing more frequently his face in the most random places (coffee shops), posters highlighting his upcoming event presented by It’s Time To Bloom at […]

19 02, 2016

How to Find Fulfillment In A Career While Searching For Purpose.

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Today’s post is inspired by Kristie, a Real Life Mechanics newsletter subscriber, whose question has to do with:

How to find fulfillment out of a career while trying to find one’s purpose and area to serve others?


I really wanted to address this question because this is a situation I remember struggling with in the early stage of my purpose journey and experiencing a lot of frustration around this question.

it was in early 2000 and I was […]