20 03, 2017

You Have A Gift And You Want To Offer It To The World…

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Man(!) do I love any opportunity to answer questions when I’m asked for business direction. It’s all about helping someone get that next-step clarity.

On that beautiful saturday afternoon, here I was at Credo Coffee smiling as I was asked the following questions that I was eager to answer.

To put it into context, I was spending time with someone who felt has a gift and want to offer it to the world. She wanted to […]

25 01, 2017

How Not To Be Taken Advantage Of Financially w/ Cynthia Wickens

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This interview had some good laughs (make sure to wait for it. You’ll see what I mean).

I had such a great time chatting with Cynthia who is all about helping people drive their financial destiny without being taken advantage of.

Her life experience as well as how she transitioned from the corporate world to starting her own business called Balance Mortgages Inc., had us cover such a variety of topics as you’ll notice a glimpse of it […]

5 10, 2016

From 9-to-5 To Full-time Entrepreneur.

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Today is a Q&A episode of Real Life Mechanics that’s inspired by a Clarity Session I had with a client recently.

The session revolved around his desire to and question around transitioning from a 9-5 to building his business full-time.

Some of us can sometimes experience this intense feeling of wanting to make the leap however, because of the fact that we simply don’t have a clear way to make it happen, don’t have the proper guidance, or haven’t learned what […]

7 09, 2016

Marnie Ashcroft – Glow Juicery: On Success & Failure, Being A Purpose-driven Entrepreneur And Growth.

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It’s not every day that you run into a business-owner who has built a business that directly impacts someone’s well-being. Let alone come across an entrepreneur that has experienced the type of business growth that’s been difficult to keep up with, since they launched their business.

I met Marnie Ashcroft at an event called Soulfront, where she was the keynote speaker. What I remembered about her is how  people couldn’t wait to hear insights and lessons she […]

13 07, 2016

How To Know If What You’re Doing Is Your Purpose And Calling?

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This is something I’ve experienced many times in the past. Whether it was when I had a job or even when I had business on the side of my job, or when I totally invested myself in a particular business.

It used to be (so!) frustrating. So frustrating because I simply felt in my gut that whatever I was doing wasn’t “it”. What made it even more frustrating was the fact that I had nothing that […]