22 06, 2016

How To Best Answer The Call When Called To Make A Difference.

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Mick Lolekonda studies purpose and how practical spirituality can fuel not only our sense of fulfilment but business success as well. In this ClarityTalk, he discusses what it takes to best answer the call when we feel called to make a difference.

He shares his insights based on his journey to finding his own purpose and his work with clients. A share-worthy talk.




“MICK – It was great to have you be part of such a special […]

15 06, 2016

How To Use Spirituality in Our Daily Life & Business – ClarityTalk.

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Today, I thought I’d send you a quick recap of the ClarityTalk that took place right before getting into the group PSP meditation class last Saturday as well as the challenges we tackled  during the PSP class.

Here are the key points that I shared during the ClarityTalk:

As leaders of our own lives and as leaders of people, when we think about building a legacy, making a difference, and do what we’re meant to do, it’s […]