It all started with a desire to know my purpose.

Have you experienced having this burning desire to help people in a way that you feel passionate about?

Wondering where to start? Here’s how my journey, and more specifically my “purpose” journey, started. My desire to know what my purpose was ignited in College (university) 17 years ago. I was an international student who had moved to Vermont in the United States simply because of my desire to study there and maybe even play U.S college basketball. While experiencing the American culture, being exposed to the American Dream, and learning about business, I came to realize, after wondering what my purpose was, that I wanted to help people reach their goals in a way that it aligned with their purpose.

The desire to want to know what my purpose was is what led me to that moment of purpose clarity. It also set me on a path where I’d have to learn how to go about living my purpose day-in and day-out, learn how to develop purpose-centered skills that would help me over time know how to create a fulfilling life and the right vehicle that would allow me to do what I felt I was called to do.

So it all began with a desire to know my purpose, know what vehicle (calling) would help me live it, and know how to align every aspect of my life in a way that it’d fit with my purpose.

Was this journey smooth sailing? It so wasn’t (laugh)! But what I can say, is that I learned some valuable life lessons along the way.

Since my move to North America, I’ve always dreamt and envisioned myself helping people and making a difference in their lives. I’ve committed to study the topic of purpose and its impact on our lives, our sense of fulfillment, our sense of contribution, our personal and spiritual growth, and development.

My reasons for doing so is because I believe that once we have a clear meaningful purpose that we can articulate and live, it has the power to help us be the most fulfilled, deepen our sense of peace, build strong communities, create impactful businesses and organizations, and make the world better.

As I stand here today, my purpose in life is to help others determine and live their purpose so they can have the lives that they feel they’re meant to have, be fulfilled, and make the kind of meaningful contribution in this lifetime that aligns with who they are.

For me, it doesn’t get any better than this. I believe that there’s no greater gift and goal than to help people know their purpose and equipping them with the necessary tools that will help them live the life that they feel called to have.

Because of this belief, I’m dedicating my life to teaching what I know through mentoring and sharing what I’ve learned on this purpose journey. I’ve started doing it in a notable way by writing a book called The Purpose Roadmap.

So far, I’ve cross paths with people from various professional as well as business background, and leadership positions and worked with them to help them determine their purpose so they can live it.

At this stage, I’ve chosen several ways to help people live their purpose, become who they envision themselves being, and have the fulfilling life that they feel called to have. Take a look at the different options below.

My Commitment To You

I’m committed to offer you a transformative experience with practical and holistic step-by-step solutions that will take you from where you are now to where you see yourself being in life.

My responsibility is to breakdown for you both the personal and the business journey in a way that’s seamless and integrated so you can build the different facets of your life in the most cohesive way.

Expect to get the support from me as I’ll help you reach different stages of life in the most fulfilling and purposeful way while attending to your spiritual needs.

If you feel called to do what you feel is YOUR Purpose, that your impact is meant to be bigger, and that you feel that people out there need you, you’ve come to the right place because I want to be the one to guide you on your purpose journey while building your legacy.

When working with me, you’ll always be offered a system to help develop and nurture wealth in every areas of your life.

I feel privileged to be in a position to offer you a roadmap that will help you design the kind of life you really feel called to have. One where you have choice, are in control, clear direction, and feel that you are the designer of your life thanks to the available step-by-step tools at your disposal through my book – The Purpose Roadmap, and mentorship.

You have a dream. You have a calling. Let’s make it on on-going reality. One where there’s meaning, freedom, choice, and of course a clear purpose.

Here to help you live your purpose,


Purpose specialist & Author of The Purpose Roadmap


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