Mick Lolekonda’s specialty is on the topic of purpose and its application relative to creating fulfilling lives, doing meaningful work, and building meaningful businesses and organizations, that are purpose-driven.

Thanks to his various offerings, he helps individuals, who feel have a purpose, live out their purpose doing what they feel they are called to do, in their unique way.

These purpose-driven individuals and organizations are moved by the desire to grow, help people, make an impact, and build meaningful legacies.


Purpose-driven entrepreneurs.

As Mick often describes those entrepreneurs as purpose-driven entrepreneurs, they reach out to him typically when experiencing frustrating challenges, which include:

  • Sales and not having a solid process for converting leads to sales.
  • How to market their business.
  • How to make their business sustainable.
  • Low capture rate for advertising.
  • Struggling to utilize their time to get things done.
  • Self-doubt.
  • Being unclear about a sudden shift of passion from one area to another of their life, work, and business.

If this sounds like something you’re experiencing and one of the following resonates with you:

  • Believe in coaching,
  • Feel you have a purpose,
  • Consult, coach, train, advise others,
  • Love helping people,
  • Are looking for someone who will hold you accountable,
  • Are looking for someone who will push you outside of your comfort zone,
  • Want someone who will help you understand how to grow as an entrepreneur and in life,
  • Want to scale your startup,
  • Want to be known for one thing in the business world,

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Purpose-driven Organizations.

Whether an organization is purpose-driven or looking to make the shift to being a purpose-driven organization, executive and strategic teams in organizations can also reach out to Mick when looking to:

  • Develop initiatives geared to better understand, connect, and serve stakeholders that are motivated by purpose and meaningful contribution.

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Our Purpose:

To create a world in which all people are equipped to passionately build fulfilling lives, thriving careers and businesses in alignment with their purpose as well as  their desire for freedom, growth, and helping people.

Services and Our Process.

Services offered:

Business Services include:

  • Business Purpose Discovery.
  • Launching The Right Business Around Purpose, Passion, & Interests.
  • Premium + Timeless Brand Creation & Brand Awareness Strategy.
  • Blog Development & Email List Building Strategies.
  • Website Sales Conversion Optimization.
  • Online Video Marketing Strategies.

Personal Services:

  • Purpose Discovery & Alignment.
  • Fulfillment Strategies.
  • Spiritual Development.

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For Events, Conferences, Universities:

  • Professional Speaking. Click here to inquire about availability and rates.

The Process:

  • Purpose Analysis.
    • It’s all about uncovering, being clear on and being able to articulate what your purpose is. What it is both on a personal and/or business level. Everyone and every organization has a purpose. However, not everyone and not every organization knows what it is and is able to articulate it so they can best live it out, be engaged, and perform, daily. We’ll get clear on what that is during our first Clarity Session. This is step 1 to building a purpose-driven life and/or purpose-driven organization.
  • Purpose-driven Behaviour & Alignment Evaluation.
    • Once the purpose is clear on a personal and/or organizational level, behaviours must align with this defined purpose in order to achieve the desire level of efficiency, success, and impact. We call those aligned behaviours: purpose-driven behaviours. We’ll defined what those purpose-driven behaviours are, personally and/or throughout your organization.
  • Create and Implement Your Customized Purpose-driven Action Plan.
    • All the information gathered from our Clarity Session is  used to create a customized plan of action to help you and/or your organization reach your goals. As our working relationship grows, this ever-evolving, strategic, and purpose-driven action plan will help you stay on track of reaching objectives.
  • Measure Purpose Success.
    • We’ll determine what is relevant for you personally and/or your organization to measure. This will help make any needed course-corrections along the way to reaching your goals.

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Connect with Mick.

At Real Life Mechanics, we don’t believe in settling in life. We see people being unfulfilled in their lives, careers, and businesses, feeling stuck, and unsure of where to find effective and clear tools that can help them transition into the fulfilling lives and thriving careers they envision for themselves.

We believe in meaningful collaborations and aligning with those who share our values of betterment of self, the human spirit, and the community we’re called to serve.

That’s why we strive to have Real Life Mechanics be the go-to place where purpose-driven individuals can come to in order to equip themselves with everything they need to grow as individuals, both personally and spiritually, as leaders, and in business, through our specialized live training experiences and online programs,  speaking engagements, and 1-on-1 coaching.

Allow Mick to show you the way:

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