Mick helps people who feel have a purpose find and live their purpose.

As his specialty, Mick studies the topic of purpose and its applications relative to creating the fulfilling lives we feel we’re meant to have and building businesses, as well as careers, in line with our purpose and calling in life.

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The Purpose Clarity Session

Designed for those looking to accelerate their progress through individual support and guidance from Mick Lolekonda.


  • Know your purpose so you can articulate it.
  • Build the life you feel you’re meant to have.
  • Build a business/career that fits with your purpose.
  • Do what you feel you’re meant to do.

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Our purpose:

To help people live their purpose so they can have the fulfilling lives they feel they’re meant to have and satisfy their longing to do what they feel they’re meant to do in life.

Our belief:

We believe that we live our purpose, we are able to satisfy our longing to dedicate ourselves fully to what we feel we’re meant to do and fully express ourselves, while being equipped to nurture a deep sense of meaning, peace, contentment, freedom, and fulfillment in our lives.

Our vision:

We strive to have Real Life Mechanics be the go-to place where purpose-driven individuals can come to in order to equip themselves with everything they need to grow as individuals, both personally and spiritually, as leaders, and in business.


We believe in meaningful collaborations and aligning with those who share our values of betterment of self, the human spirit, and the community we’re called to serve.


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