Vision are revealed to us as a sign of what’s to come because of the path that we’ve set ourselves on, consciously or unconsciously, and the choices we’ve made, the risks we’ve taken, the courage we’ve displayed, up to that point.
A vision can materialize in front of our minds at the most unexpected times.  That’s why we must develop the ability to recognize it when it’s put in front of us, by way of slowing things because it can disappear in a blink of an eye.
But one can increase the chances of catching it during a moment of reflection and introspection (hint-hint).
A vision is an invitation , a unveiling of what we’re capable of achieving in life.
A vision appears once were ready to receive it.
A vision can be a snapshot of us living our purpose.
All that’s left for us to do then is to do what’s necessary to make it a reality because we’ve been given the clarity of direction of where and what we need to move towards.
Enjoy and appreciate the gift of the Vision.
Enjoy it because you’ve just been shown your destiny and What lays ahead.
Live your purpose,